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Kenny Drew & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Duo 


MODERN MAN JOURNAL BGM這個新欄目,我們會為大家介紹我們團隊喜歡的音樂,首先為大家介紹的,就是我們很喜歡的兩位音樂人合作灌錄的大碟《Kenny Drew & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen – Duo 2》(Recorded February, 11 & 12 1974, at "Rosenberg Studie", Copenhagen)。

來自丹麥的低音提琴手 Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (1946-2005) ,自少學習鋼琴,13歲時對低音提琴產生了興趣,15歲已成為專業樂手,他有一個很有型的綽號:NHØP。絕對是歐洲爵士樂界的傳奇名字。

另一位傳奇鋼琴手 Kenny Drew (1928-1993),生於美國紐約,在五十年代的事業發展可說一帆風順,合作樂手全是傳奇級名字:Buddy DeFranco、Coleman Hawkins、Lester Young、Charlie Parker、Dinah Washington、Johnny Griffin、Buddy Rich及John Coltrane。1961年移居巴黎,三年後搬到哥本哈根,遇上了Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen,開展了另一個事業高峰。

"Living in Copenhagen, and travelling out from there, I have probably worked in more different contexts than if I had stayed in New York where I might have got musically locked in with a set-group of musicians. This way, I have been able to keep my musical antennas in shape, while at the same time I have had more time to study and also get deeper into my own endeavors." - Kenny Drew。

Kenny Drew 於1993年過世後,哥本哈根以他的名字命名了南部一條街道"Kenny Drews Vej" (Kenny Drew Street)。

這張唱片實在很適合在星期日午後播放,誠意介紹給大家。也希望大家喜歡MODERN MAN JOURNAL BGM這個新欄目。

2019/11/02 UPDATE

Story by BEBOP

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