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1977年,空氣動力技術專家Frank Rudy向Nike其中一位創辦人Phil Knight展示了當時被視為瘋狂的意念—把空氣注入鞋裡以提升緩震效果。Phil Knight對這個想法甚有興趣,並進行了長期測試。兩年後,這個突破性科技正式投放在量產型號跑鞋Air Tailwind身上。從此,這個後來被正式命名為Nike Air的氣墊科技便在Nike的發展上擔當了極重要的角色。

在過去三十年裡,沒有任何科技能像Air一樣成為Nike的代名詞。從Tailwind到最新推出的Nike Air VaporMax,這前無古人的意念改變了人們對運動鞋的觀念,𧗠生出一套專屬Nike的獨有文化。

三十年來,人們都對Nike Air的生產工房Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation極之好奇,但Nike從未對外發放任何關於這個心臟地帶的訊息。與Nike俄勒岡州比弗頓Nike全球總部相隔數步之遙,1300科研人員就在Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation日夜不斷的鑽研Nike Air的發展提升。與密蘇里州聖查理斯的另一座工房合計,Nike Air氣墊生產總數已達35億個。當中包括最新發布Nike Air VaporMax,通過採用全新的材質、新研發的運算設計和製造工具,不斷推進NikeAir氣墊科技的極限,這一次Nike Air VaporMax把Air氣墊科技推進到一個以前從未踏足之地,使它的影響遠遠超出跑步範疇,甚至直接將未來帶到我們面前。

每一個VaporMax氣墊都產自美國俄勒岡州比弗頓,透過短片Fresh Air from Oregon,我們可以看到VaporMax氣墊的製作過程,這亦是Nike首次與全世界分享Nike Air科技心臟的真貌。

In 1977, an inventor named Frank Rudy presented a crazy idea to Phil Knight: placing air bags inside shoes. Phil went for a test run, and Nike never looked back.

Over the last 30 years, no technology has become more synonymous with Nike than Air. From the Tailwind to the new Nike Air VaporMax, it’s a pioneering idea that transformed the industry — and established Nike as a leading innovation company.

A short walk from Nike’s World Headquarters, in Beaverton, Oregon sits one of two facilities that has invented, re-invented and perfected Air. The Nike Air Manufacturing Innovation building, and its counterpart in St. Charles, Missouri have created a combined 3.5bn Nike Air units. It takes a workforce of 1,300 highly skilled people, running around the clock, to make it happen. Each of them plays a critical role in fine-tuning Air technology to deliver precision performance, at a microscopic level.

For the first time ever, we’re sharing with the world how we breathe life into Nike Air. Take a look at this video “Fresh Air from Oregon” and get an inside look into Nike’s Air Manufacturing Innovation facility.

Already a global phenomenon, Nike is taking Air to places that that were never dreamed possible. New materials, computational design, and manufacturing tools are pushing the limits of this technology. As a result, Air is going to translate far beyond running—making waves in new sports and style.  

With the new Nike Air VaporMax, that future is already here today. It delivers on our most daring dream: helping every athlete feel the unparalleled sensation of walking on air. Every VaporMax air unit is built in Beaverton, Oregon.


2017/03/02 UPDATE

Story by BEBOP

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